Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pape Mbaye at Wild Moves on the Surf Coast 6 August 2013

Pape Mbaye came to visit Wild Moves on 6th August to share some of his Senegalese rhythms and grooves. He has been touring Melbourne schools with Musica Viva. We were lucky that they scooted down the M1 to Torquay. Thanks Pape and Thaiss
Thaiss, his bro and Immanuel joined in the accompaniment
Always a benefit having live drumming to go with the dancers pace
Was great to embody a different and unique African dance style
Beautifully grounded symmetrical shapes of the body in space
Strong sharp changes of direction

Lots of flying of the arms like a bird with fancy feet like a spider

Pape will be back on 4th - 6th October to run his Drum and Dance camp at Wild Moves, Ocean Country Park, 100 Duffields Rd Torquay.
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