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"Moonah" Sentinels of the Surf Coast_Torquay Festival 2 December, 2012

Moonahrinas, Angela, Kellie, Jacqui, Fran, Rumi, Hailey, Erica, Mokielie and Sophia are the Guardians of the Surf Coast that look after and protect the Moonah trees.

The Moonah Regeneration spirits call and come out to dance with the Moonahrinas
Moonah spirits are always taking care and protecting the Moonah tree and the environment. You cant see them but they are busy every night making sure the tree's branches are flexible enough to withstand the environmental elements of the Surf Coast...including tourism!!

Every Full Moon you may be able to see them come out and dance in the place where the water meets the land. They are elemental sprites with pointy fingers, toes, noses, chins and hair that grows into small Moonah branches. This is for camouflage so that no one can see and disturb them while they are busy doing their important regenerative work in Mother Nature's Circle of Life
Students from Bellbrae PS, Torquay College, St Therese PS and Montessori Kinder wrote messages of Peace on our Moonah Tree of Life. After the Festival the Moonah Tree of Life toured the Surf Coast schools and even made it into the Geelong Pako Fest Parade
Moonah Mothers, Chele Buggy and Jacqui Fenwick are the Guardians of reproduction and look after every leaf as it unfolds and grows. They work hand in hand with Mother Earth, who constantly rebirths herself in all living things.

Rhythm Keepers:  Bruce Bateman, Allen Reeves and Rob Godden
Moonahrinas: Rumi, Sophia, Fran, Hailey, Erica

Demir Aliu, grounding the Moonah's dance to the earth with the sound of the Daf drum

Our beloved Moonah tree that twists and bends, slowly over time, being shaped by the elements and forces of wind, heat, rain and drought on the Surf Coast. Still great to sit and climb in so don't cut them down
Jacqui, Chele, Glenda and Kellie making their Moonah costumes out of recycled clothes and materials
Inspiration for the musical soundscape came from our Surf Coast legendary ambient rock band, Moonah. Their music weaves in all the elements of our beloved sense of place
Kellie Whiskin guided us along in our sewing of our Moonah costume with Liz Hines, Jacqui Fenwick and Emma French
We tested out our Moonah costumes at Wild Moves studios to make sure our chosen colours of the tree and sea captured the air and wind as we danced, giving length to the movement as we whirled in the blustering breath of the sea air. This is Jacqui Dreessens, choreographer for Wild Moves reaching to link to the next branch to represent strength and solidarity in our Torquay community
An abstract Moonah tree was designed by Kellie Whisken and made by her partner, Samuel Zsombok to represent the twisted but resilient branches
Wild Moves Moonah Sentinels of the Surf Coast

Looking towards Point Danger we all witnessed the explosive fireworks at the end of the performance above our beautiful Moonah trees that we love sitting under when it is freezing cold or stinking hot

Moonah Mothers - Chele is about to give birth and Jacqui has since given birth to a beautiful boy, Pheonix. Dance plays a part of every stage in the life of a Wildmover
More Moonah Mothers: Chele, Kellie, Jacqui Fenwick and Fran
Jacqui leading the drumming as we took Moonah Sentinels of the Surf Coast, to the Geelong Pako Fest. We managed to get on Channel 7 News for our one section of fame. One person asked me what nationality we were?

We took all the messages of the primary schools to Pako and Moonah Mother, Jacqui and her boys, Angus, Paddy and newly born Phoenix
Moonahrina Fairy, Fee Crawford checking that Moonah Mother and her clan were safe on the Fagg Bros truck.
Rhythm keeper, Allen Reeves made sure we kept timing in the parade
Thanks Rob Godden for organising Wild Moves truck with Keith Fagg, our Mayor of Geelong

The real Moonah Tree of Life. Our Sentinel of the Surf Coast

Wild Moves under our beloved Moonah Trees where we hold our Full Moon drum and dance circle each month at Cosy Corner. Many thanks to our photographers, Cormak, Dipika, Lyndy, Rob and Jacqui

The following article was written for the GAIA Gazette (Goddess Association in Australia)


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