Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anglesea Music Festival_8th -10th October

Street drum & dance

This was a fantastic weekend of fun filled music and lots of dancing. Thanks to the organisers, Karren Stoneham and also to Lyndelle Jeffery who encouraged us to go in it. Great to have a grassroots festival that encourages both community and professional groups to apply.

Wildmovers, write a blog below, about your experience in the organised pub venue and then also our busking in the street. 

Pete & Oliver busk some grooves

Wild Moves girls busk some grooves.
L to R Sabiena, Fee, Michelle, Bernadette

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Universal Grooves on the Surf Coast_THE PAN AFRICAN CHOIR 30th October

A beautiful night of blissful harmonies, bright colours and participatory  rhythms that made us all dance. Thanks so much Jenny, Chris, Kojo Sam and the Pan African girls - great to see, hear and feel the Melbourne African vibe on the Surf Coast.

Date: 30th October, 2010
Time: 7.30 – 9.30pm
Place: Bellbrae Hall, 90 School Rd. Bellbrae
Cost: Adults $15 Kids $10 Family $40 Drum hire $5
Bookings: Mobile: 0409 025 062

This is our fourth and final Universal Grooves interactive performance for the year. Many thanks to the Surf Coast Shire's Community Grant for helping to get the event up and running. We are happy to announce that Surf Coast Arts Inc will now be helping to support. Thanks to all our volunteers from Wild Moves for helping to form the Grooves Committee and organising these fun-filled events where you can sing, play and dance alongside professional performers. BYO your instruments or hire a drum from Wild Moves
Here is what a few people have said about Universal Grooves on the Surf Coast
Michele Barnes from Singing for Fun about  
Valanga and Andrea Khoza
What a fantastic night this was. Firstly the opportunity to be up close and personal with such inspirational performers, and to experience their amazing harmonies and rhythms together. Then to be guided to join the music with my very well spent $5 hired drum, so that I could be part of the sound, was amazing. It was great too, to see others invited on stage to play guitars and other instruments. Both Valanga and Andrea showed such warmth and support for this interactive experience. Clearly they both have wonderful skills and a belief in music as a shared experience for all. Thanks to Universal grooves for bringing this rich interactive cultural experience to all of us on the Surf Coast. 
Bernadette Zen, dancer from Wild Moves about  
Great gig on Sat nite! My family have not stopped talking about it. Wonderful participatory atmosphere created by the candles, rugs, extra instruments and of course the brilliant musicians!! I loved dancing with my kids.
Mark Trinham, from Moonah about  
Katt Beames and the SoularSKY
Universal Grooves has also been a great opportunity for young local up coming performers to experience the intimate connection with an audience and to build confidence as an artist in engaging community participation. Katt Beames has been an original Surf Coast Wild Moves drummer and dancer and has since then gone on an East Coast tour with her own band SolarSKY. Universal Grooves provides that launching ground.
Sabiena Van Es from Wild Moves about  
Asanti dance theatre
I just love dancing with these guys. They bring their whole family and their kids can't keep off the stage. It encourages other children to join in as well. Full on high energy traditional African dance and acrobatics that you just have to hold your breath. Joining in with the drums was easy, we just had to follow Appiah. As a dancer with Wild Moves we could get up and show the Africans what we do with African dance on the Surf Coast. Great night, hope there is going to be more.
...And more there shall be with....

Date: 30th October, 2010
Time: 7.30 – 9.30pm
Place: Bellbrae Hall, 90 School Rd. Bellbrae
Cost: Adults $15 Kids $10 Family $40 Drum hire $5
Bookings: Mobile: 0409 025 062

Full Moon in Aries 23rd October 7pm Cosy Corner

Date: Saturday, 23rd October
Time: 7.00pm  
BYO: drums, guitars, instruments, fire twirling, seat or rug, picnic
Place: Cosy Corner on the Front beach at Torquay, look for the seaweed circle. Park in bottom car park on corner of Esplanade and Bell St or top car park at Point Danger and walk down the cliff. We are under the Moonahs
Bookings: only if you need a drum, otherwise just rock up Mobile: 0409 025 062


The Moon, she dances
Like the Waves, like the Waves
On the Shore

Making Circles, making Cirlces
Like the Waves, Like the Waves
On the Shore

The Full Moon in Aries is also a BLUE MOON and so brings in very powerful healing to our Earth for peace, especially after the 10. 10. 2010 Stargate. This is a very determined and courageous Fire energy that can motivate us for Goodwill. 

Even though we are in Spring with unpredictable weather, Cosy Corner has been beautifully sheltered and crisp. 
Turn up around 7.00pm and help make the seaweed circle with found natural objects on the beach that the Sea has sent to us. Some people like to bring a picnic and just watch, listen and still be a part of it and absorb the beautiful surrounds. Other people like to join in the drumming circle using a variety of instruments; some like to just dance and move. Everyone brings a wish for the future. 

Around Sunset we stop drumming, dancing and start our ritual by placing our wishes in Mother Earth and bath ourselves in a beautiful sound scape using our voices. 

This is facilitated by Jacqui or one of the Wildmovers. We ground our wishes in the Earth and then send them off to manifest. Followed by whatever unfolds on the night......sometimes it is wild drumming, fire twirling, acrobatics (mostly by the children) or sometimes it is peaceful, serene and only voices.

It can finish quickly or go on until after midnight. It is different every month and never the same.

Call Jacqui if you would like to lead us in song, poetry, music, movement or dance
Thanks Lyndelle Jefferys for your beautiful photographs

BYO: drums, guitars, instruments, fire twirling, seat or rug, picnic
Place: Cosy Corner on the Front beach at Torquay, look for the seaweed circle. Park in bottom car park on corner of Esplanade and Bell St or top car park at Point Danger and walk down the cliff. We are under the Moonahs
Bookings: only if you need a drum, otherwise just rock up 
 Email: Mobile: 0409 025 062


October News 2010


Hi Wild Movers 

Aireys Inlet Fair Saturday 30 October
Wild Moves performing at 1.30 – 2.30pm at the local primary school. Everyone invited to perform. Need to be in a Wild Moves T Shirt and costume. Call Jacqui for details: 0409 025 062 or you can just come along and participate in the interactive drum and dance.

Pan African Choir at Universal Grooves. Saturday 30 Oct
Workshops now on Tuesdays and Thursdays. New prices.
Blocks of 5 @ $70 or 10 @ $110 or stay casual $15/17

Tuesdays: Gota drumming & dance
Thursdays: Calypso drumming
Keep scrolling down to view classes  

Coming Up

Return of the Sacred Kingfisher Festival 20 November
CERES Environement Park. 8 Lee St Brunswick
11.00am Kingfisher Boogie drum and dance workshop for an afternoon community ritual full of music, colour and song. Call Jacqui 0409025062, if you need a lift up from the Surf Coast.

High Tide Festival 4 December – all classes are geared towards our Wild Moves interactive performance on the Saturday 1.00 – 2.00pm. The Esplanade. Torquay
Street Parade @ 11am. Meet at Point Danger 10.00am to assemble
Saturday nite will be our Circles on Waves - a remake from WearArtrageous for down on the Front Beach. Jacqui will lead a singing workshop at the next Singing for Fun, 90 School Rd, Bellbrae Hall, Friday 26 November @ 6.00pm. Wildmovers are also encouraged to attend this workshop. Open to all singers and movers, no matter if you have danced or sung in your life before. It is all too much fun to be in it and celebrate our Festival at the Front Beach.

More details to follow.....

Wild Moves at Point Danger 26 December 2010 – 8 January 2011.
Drumming workshops on the beach near Drainos. Torquay back beach. 7.30 – 9.00pm. $10.00
Followed by Drum and Dance Circle (Donation to Trokosi Project). Details to follow....

Universal Grooves in January – To be announced.....

Pako Fest Saturday 26 February.
12noon Street Parade. Assemble at 11.00am. 
Email: if you would like to participate. Details to follow.......

Rhythm of Africa, Werribee Zoo
One Sunday at 4.00 - 5.00pm. 
Email:  if you would like to participate. Details to follow.......
Aries Open Mic Festival 18, 19, 20 March
Email   if you want to participate. Details to follow.....

Apollo Bay Music Festival for busking – 8, 9, 10  April.
Email   if you want to participate. Details to follow......
DEMIR ALIU at Universal Grooves one Saturday in April. Details to follow.......
Bellbrae Mayfair Sunday 1 May
Bellbrae PS School Rd Bellbrae. 
Email:  if you want to participate. Details to follow.....

Yours in Rhythm and Movement....Jacqui xxx

Wild Moves on the Surf Coast
Community drum and dance ensemble...if you can ride the swell, you can jump on the beat! 
Wild Moves inspiration comes from indigenous cultures as a way of celebrating Mother Earth in all her mysteries of life through singing, drumming and dance theatre. We are a community group drawing from the African Diaspora and her ancient connection to ancestral spirit. We love getting together to support benefit gigs for celebrating cultural diversity, human rights and the environment. Jacqui and Immanuel Dreessens lead us in some fun events like High Tide Festival, Aireys Open Mic, Bellbrae Mayfair, WearArtrageous, Anglesea Music Festival, Cowrie Market, Rhythm of Africa, Pako Fest. Come and join us and jump on the beat or get us to play at your next Wild Moves party for kids, teenagers or the young 50 year olds reaching wisdom status. 
To much fun! You name it we’ll create it! 
Artistic director: Jacqui Dreessens
Mobile: 0409 025 062 

Bellbrae Hall, 90 School Rd, Bellbrae, Surf Coast 
Block of 5 workshops for $70 or a block of 10 for $110.
For on going classes or casual $15/17  
4 week courses - start and finish new material together $70/65
Drummers welcome at the dance classes. Free to Wildmovers. Drum hire $5
6.00 - 7:30 pm Dance
Afro Stylin’ dance with a variety of traditional dances from across the Diaspora. Understand the beautiful gestural language of speaking with your body to live percussion. Be grounded in your pelvis so that your limbs can fly. Be prepared to sweat and groove in a group. Open to all levels and abilities.
7.30 – 9.00pm Drumming 
Traditional stick drumming and djembe drumming techniques learning how the rhythms lock in and talk to each other in an ensemble group to communicate messages about the mystery of life. Suitable for beginners to master drummers.
7.30 – 8.30pm Song & Drum
Sing your song & beat your drum. A workshop for absolute beginners in drumming, singing & body percussion. Learn how the pulse of the rhythm travels in your body and expresses its melodious voice in a bath of vocal tones & rhythm.
8.30 – 9.30pm Drum & Dance circle 
Gold coin donation for all drummers, dancers, singers & everyone else who wants to give it a go or drop in and listen. Revisit your rhythms, find your groove, jam with the Wildmovers. No set structure, whatever happens…..just rock up!

Cowrie Market drum and dance circle 
Free. Every 3rd Sunday of the month from September to April, 2.00 – 3.00pm. Come join the Wildmovers, led by Jacqui & Immanuel in an interactive performance of song, drum & dance. Drums available. Good time to just have a go or stop and just check it out, as well as all the other home grown local arts, crafts and musicians. Join the drumming circle and join in the dance. Elephant Walk, The Esplanade, Torquay

Full Moon drum and dance gathering 
Free manifest the future you want by welcoming in the new energies. BYO fire twirling, drums, instruments, song, chair, water bottle, offering that can be released into the sea or earth. Please check the dates of the full moon and contact Jacqui for drum hire $5.
Cosy Corner at Sunset for picnic and setting up the seaweed circle. Ritual around 9pm or when the Moon is up. Park in bottom car park of Bell St and The Esplanade round about, Torquay. Bring your wishes for creating the future you want!!

Universal Grooves on the Surf Coast (Grooves nite)
October 30th, 7.30 - 9.30pm, Bellbrae Hall, 90 School Rd. Bellbrae. BYO drums. Interactive performance with THE PAN AFRICAN CHOIR from Melbourne. 

Back to your African Roots Tour Ghana 
12 June – 7 July, 2011
Experience the heart of the African Spirit by journeying into the Living Library of the Land of Gold. Rich in centuries of tradition and ritual, celebrate Africa’s way of life. Identify with their sense of place and belonging, their connection to ancestors, chiefs, Queen Mothers and community. Learn from the Masters, Elders and fetish priests with local cultural performing groups. Engage in your Naming ceremony, experience your Puberty Rite ritual. Sing, drum & dance your way into being. Prepare to learn something.... share something. 
Now taking bookings 
African Diaspora Camp
Eumerella, Great Ocean Rd. Anglesea 
Friday 6.00pm 29th July – Sunday 3.00pm 31st July 
A weekend celebration with lots of fun for the whole family. Cabins or camping, authentic African food. Journey through dance, rhythm and songs that harness community spirit from across the African continent and their influence on the New World. Experience ritual libation to Aboriginal and African ancestors and the release of Winter to welcome the Light. Fire twirling, story telling, drum circle bush camp fire, acrobatics, yoga, Thai Chi, massage, High life gospel singing, Gumboot body percussion, Rhythm Tap, Soukous, Afro Cuban or Brazillian, Afro-Jazz, Swing, Batchada, Salsa, Funk, Hip Hop and Afro-Contemporary. Evening performances and traditional drumming & dance by our international African special guest artists. Explore how the ancient African rhythms have crossed the oceans and are fusing on the Surf Coast.
Wild Moves International 
Rooted to the Earth and connected to the Universe…
Get ready to dance and witness a feast of abundant traditional and popular street rhythms from across the African Diaspora with performers from Sth Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea and Australia. Call us to perform in festivals or run your workshops or interactive performances at kinder, primary & secondary schools, artist-in-residence programs, professional development seminars, team building activities, weddings, rites of passage, holiday programs across the wider community and into the corporate sector.

"Rooted to the Earth and connected to the Universe, we help you find your wild moves....." 

Mobile: 0409 025 062