Monday, September 26, 2011

WearArtRageous_3rd September

ArtRageous theme: "Awakening the Senses"

"A reflection on the cycles of nature and the environment
found in the collection and remaking of recycled objects.
Worn for the frivolity that Spring invokes
within us
as we awaken a new."

Hats made from recycled, found and grown objects from Spring

Spryti Fiona

Budding Bernadette

Wildly awakening

Out of the Woods

Probably best left in the woods!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

October News_2011

2011 October
Wild Moves Centre for drum and dance
Dance studio, Torquay College, Grossmans Rd. Torquay
Enter via the side street.
5 week course @ $70. Payable on or before the first week. 
11 October - 8 November
15 November - 13 December
A new venue will be a new energy for our new classes at TORQUAY COLLEGE
Book in for a 5 week course. Start and finish together.
As we are starting out as new classes, there is no age or physical limitation, just an inclusive sense of wildness. So if adults want to come to participate in kids classes, that's a bonus!!

3.40 - 4.30pm
For the creative child within. Whatever your age. Lots of props, instruments, songs, dances and creative movement experiences through story telling, poetry and story books. Ayenkofu is a meeting place.
Teachers: Jacqui Dreessens or Jacqui Fenwick

5.00 - 5.50pm
Geared towards upper primary, teenagers and adults who like to play fast and furious, with a wild sense of abandon grounded in disciplined techniques of hand drumming. Drums provided.
Teachers: Immanuel and Jacqui Dreessens

6.00 - 7.00pm
An open class in the many styles of African dance, ranging from Hip Life, Hip Hop, Brakka, Timbalada, Soukous, Jazz Ballet, Afro-Contemporary and traditional dances from across the African continent.
Teachers: Jacqui Dreessens, accompanied with live percussion by Immanuel Dreessens and Wild Moves

7.00 - 8.00pm
This is a class for selected Wildmovers who are interested in performing at community festivals and benefit gigs. There is set repertoire that is rehearsed every week. Once you have completed a course, you will then be invited to join this group to keep rehearsing your moves and grooves. When performances come up, Wildmovers will be selected to perform.
Director: Jacqui Dreessens & guest African teachers

8.00 - 9.00
Traditional drumming from West Africa. Focused on developing skill and techniques for hand drumming on djembe. Stix drumming from the Ewe, Ashanti, Fanti, Degarti, Ga-Agdame people of Ghana will focus on drumming as an ensemble.
Teacher: Jacqui Dreessens

Wild Moves on the Surf Coast
Community drum and dance ensemble...if you can ride the swell, you can jump on the beat! 
Wild Moves inspiration comes from indigenous cultures as a way of celebrating Mother Earth in all her mysteries of life through singing, drumming and dance theatre. We are a community group drawing from the African Diaspora and her ancient connection to ancestral spirit. We love getting together to support benefit gigs for celebrating cultural diversity, human rights and the environment. Jacqui and Immanuel Dreessens lead us in some fun events like High Tide Festival, Aireys Open Mic, Bellbrae Mayfair, WearArtrageous, Anglesea Music Festival, Cowrie Market, Rhythm of Africa, Pako Fest. Come and join us and jump on the beat or get us to play at your next Wild Moves party for kids, teenagers or the young 50 year olds reaching wisdom status. 
To much fun! You name it we’ll create it! 
Artistic director: Jacqui Dreessens
Mobile: 0409 025 062 

Wild Moves International
Rooted to the Earth and connected to the Universe…

Director: Jacqui Esi Tweba Dreessens
+61 4 09025062
Web site: