Monday, August 16, 2010

African Diaspora Camp 2010 with Asanti 30th July-1st August

Opening to the Elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire to welcome the African Ancestors and the honouring of the Surf Coast caretakers
Shabba's djembe dance workshop
Shabba's traditional dance workshop, "Gota"
Asanti performance
Fire jam

Wildmover: Sabiena
Drumming Games workshop
Wildmovers: Mick, Rob, Jane, Gerrad
Djembe Drumming workshop
Wildmovers: Alan, Bruce
Singing workshop
Great Ocean Rd, Eumerella, Anglesea

Speical Guests:  

Fri 30th July - Sun 1st Aug, 2010
Jacqui: 0409 025 062
Explore how the ancient African rhythms have crossed the oceans and are fusing on the Surf Coast.
If you can ride the swell, you can jump on the beat!!
Awaken your body to explore dances, rhythms and songs that harness community spirit from across the African continent and their influence on the New World. Get rooted to the earth and connected to the universe by awakening your wild moves through the honouring of traditional culture with Wurundjeri Elder, Ian Waran-badj Hunter through the elements of fire, water, air and earth, and African ancestors with international guest artists from Ghana, West Africa,

Friday night
6pm  Dinner. 
8pm  Libation ritual to Aboriginal and African ancestors.Drum and Dance opening to the Elements with African and Surf Coast live music. Join in or witness the ceremony.
Earth: Ian Waran-badj Hunter
Water: Jacqui Dreessens, Thais Sansom & our sons
Air: Michelle Buggy, Demir Aliu
Fire: Appiah, Shabba, Bennini, Kuukua
10pm  Bush camp fire dance & song Jacqui with fire twirling Daryl Yeo, story telling Kuukua, belly dancing Anne Tracey in our Sacred Fire drum circle with Asanti & Wild Moves

8am  Morning Yoga with Thais Sansom
9am  Breakfast
10am Traditional Ghanaian drum and dance for beg/advanced.
Learn GOTA, Ewe social dance from the Volta region. Separating into groups depending on your skills level of drumming. Then all joining in to drum for the dance class. Or you can do one hour dance, then swap to drumming....2hr block - u can roam between classes! We will have a break during that time, somewhere!! Appiah, Shabba, Bennini
1pm Lunch
2pm African singing for all Appiah
3pm Drumming games, dance, songs for kids and parents Shabba
4pm Acro balance and djembe dance Shabba, Appiah, Bennini or more djembe workshops
6pm Dinner 
Asanti Dance Theatre 
Interactive performance, byo drums and instruments, opportunity to perform with the company if you have participated in the day workshops or just enjoy the dinner and electrifying show.
If you are not part of the Camp, please make a pre-booking $30 for dinner and show.


11pm  Film: Children of the Blue Light
Produced by Jacqui Dreessens, Bumpy Egg, Agoro Fie Productions. Set in the Cape Coast Slave Dungeons, Ghana, West Africa with Asanti Ghana and Wild Moves Australia. Bringing in the healing with music and dance. DVD available for purchase $25.00 All monies will go to International Needs Australia-Ghana to support the Trokosy Project in Addidome Ghana. Please see the following link:

8am  Morning massage and stretch with Fiona Crawford
9am Breakfast
10am  Tai Chi on the cliff top with Jacqui Dreessens; bush walk
11am  Sound meditation with Demir Aliu, outdoor chapel
12noon  Gospel High Life singing with Kuukua interactive drumming and dance in the outdoor chapel with Sackey and Asanti and Surf Coast musicians
2pm-Gumboot body percussion with Sackey or drumming beg/advanced
3pm-Hip Hop and Hip Life dance with Sackeor djembe drumming beg/advanced
4pm-Swing dance with Lotta and Matt Riddle or more djembe drumming.

Full weekend of workshops, accommodation $200
$100 Whole day workshops + performance
$50 Half day workshops + performance
$15 Evening performances
$20/15 per workshop
$20/15 per bed.
$10 per night per person for camping, byo all your gear, male/female outdoor showers.

Authentic African food catered Kuukua, $50 x 6 meals or $15/10 per meal BOOK IN PLEASE

Accommodation and what to bring:
Lodges with bunk beds for 6 people on first in first served basis. Mattresses provided. Shared bathrooms.
BYO mat for stretching, warm sleeping bag, pillow, water bottle, thongs for shower, towel, warm clothes, rain coats, runners, gumboots, chocolate, munchies, herbal teas

Drums available with pre-booking. If you have your own drum, you can just turn up to individual workshops without booking. But good idea to send me a text first because we will split the group up into skill levels.
Meals available with pre-booking or if you just turn up you run the risk of no food left!!! Try to let me know before THURSDAY 29th July.

Wild Moves members and family prices negotiable with pre-booking only.
All children will need to be supervised at all times. Separate classes can be arranged.
Bikes allowed, no dogs - sorry it’s the bush with lots of kangaroos and wildlife.

CDs, films, Tshirts, African artifacts and instruments available for purchase.

Register online:

Contact Jacqui for all your enquiries Mobile: 0409 025 062

WearArtrageous 11th Sept, Aireys Inlet Hall, 7.30pm

Wear ARTRAGEOUS will be occurring again in Aireys Inlet!! Surf Coast Arts invites all to “create” items of apparel – “with a difference” to be paraded with funk and zest in a night of showing how far our imaginations and talents can take us!!...Recycle, body paint….??? – find a model/performer, select music and CREATE!
OK Wildmovers we are on again this year for 2011. Promise you, no clay or seaweed, just recyclable items that you have horded away in your cupboards for years....yes, the hidden depths of your Wardrobe.

Date: 11th September
Time: 7.30pm  
Place: Aireys Inlet Community Hall, Great Ocean Rd, Aireys Inlet
Cost: Free to performers as well as a free subscription to Surf Coast Arts. 
Bookings: $10 for audience members on our Wild Moves table. Contact Jacqui Mobile: 0409 025 062

"Circles on Waves"
Our inspiration comes from observing the Moon at Cosy Corner during our Full Moon drum and dance gatherings. The wearable art piece, will reflect ourselves like the Moon as...she dances, like the waves on the shore, making circles...
Length: 3 minutes
Music: original rhythms and collaborative choreography with Jacqui Dreessens 0409 025 062
Wearable artwork: with Kellie Whiskin 0400 907 370

Wearable Art piece workshops with Kellie Whiskin
Time: Fridays at 12.00 noon - 20, 27 August, 3, 10 Sept and/or Sundays at 1.00pm - 22, 29 August, 5 September.
Cost: $5.00 or more as donation to Kellie for her guidance and expertise
Place: Bellbrae Arts Group studio in the old Tennis clubrooms at the bottom end of School Rd, Bellbrae
BYO: Things that you would like to weave into your headress, necklace, bandanas eg: beads, feathers, driftwood, anything that reflects you! Munchies to share, drinks. There is heating but NO toilets!

Movement and soundscape workshops with Jacqui Dreessens will be composed during Wild Moves usual workshops on Tuesday nites along with our usual African dance and drumming.
Time: Tuesdays at 6-7.30pm Dance for composing and rehearsing the movement with the drummers. Drummers are welcome to attend to practice the rhythms.
7.30-9pm Drumming for teaching of technique for the soundscape
Cost: $15
Place: Bellbrae Hall, Centre for Wild Moves, 90 School Rd, Bellbrae.

 It is mandatory that the models and artist are available for a dress rehearsal on Friday 10 September from  7pm and a run through prior to the parade on Saturday 11 September at Aireys Inlet Community Centre, Great Ocean Rd, Aireys Inlet from 4 pm. A break for dinner and back in by 6.30-7 pm. The Audience will be allowed entry from 7pm – doors will close at 8pm.
2008 entry had Wild Moves using the medium of seaweed and clay in collaboration with Janet Miller (art work), Bernadette Zen (poetry), Jacqui Dreessens (movement and soundscape)
Our inspiration comes from the sea and her “blanket of weed.”                    

whirls and curls and fronds
twirl in the froth,
worlds of whorls and woven webbing
under my toes.

rock pools with curtains fluttering in the ripples
sea-grapes pop
protecting my feet
from needles of rocks.
i slip and slide on
floppy squelchy lettuce
in fields of sea grass.

cotton skirts
of pink and brown and green
spiral and sway
streamers flow and flutter.

fibrous fingers
stretch over shells
roots crocheted
into rock fabric,
a tapestry of tendrils.

matted hairy carpet
mats of moss
masses of tangles
knitted into sand.

seething waves
catch me and dump me under
crash down
crush my resistance

through curdled colours of darkness and light
brown, yellow, slimy green
dreadlocked seaweed
strangles me
kelp anchored in the sand
drags me to the depths
buries my face
punching the air out of me
sand scrapes my body.

thunderous water
thumps my eardrums.

i surrender
allow the waves to carry me

lurched onto the shore
i can breathe again,
but there’s swell on the horizon… 
Bernadette Zen, 28th August, 2008

Full Moon in Pisces 25th August 7pm Cosy Corner

The Full Moon in Pisces brings very sensitive and magical energies. It is a time where your intuition is at it's highest, as you can get in touch with your deepest self. A beautiful time to fully appreciate Art and Beauty as your emotions can come to the surface easily. This is a time to manifest the future you want. A strong healing moon.
Date: 25th August
Time: 7.00pm  
BYO: drums, guitars, instruments, fire twirling, seat or rug, picnic
Place: Cosy Corner on the Front beach at Torquay, look for the seaweed circle. Park in bottom car park on corner of Esplanade and Bell St or top car park at Point Danger and walk down the cliff. We are under the Moonahs
Cost: Free
Bookings: only if you need a drum, otherwise just rock up Mobile: 0409 025 062
Even though we are in the middle of Winter, Cosy Corner has been beautifully sheltered and crisp.