Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Universal Grooves on the Surf Coast_VIKINGO DE JEREZ_Jan 8

Men dancing - can't get any better!!

This is how the Surf Coast interacts at Universal Grooves. This month the focus was on Andaluz guitar and Rumba Flamenca from Spain featuring Vikingo des Jerez and out local crew who can also play some fancy strings, The Sirens and the Sailors. What a fabulous night by all
Rowland Shultz
Juan- guitar, Michael - cajun, Rowland - guitar, Paul - dance


Our local talent, "The Sirens and the Sailors"
Simone Lewis


Date: Saturday 8th January, 2011
Time: 7.30 – 9.30pm
Place: Bellbrae Hall, 90 School Rd. Bellbrae
Cost: Adults $20; Surf Coast Arts members and concession $15;  Kids $5; Family $40; Drum hire $5
Pre purchased tickets: $15 at Torquay Health Food Shop, 24 Gilbert St
Enquiries: Mobile: 0409 025 062

A chance to experience Rowland Shultz Spanish Andaluz guitar and oud, Michael Kontochristos rhythm box, and Flamenco dance in a interactive performance with drums. 
Join in or sit back and enjoy the interplay of passionate song and dance of the gypsies.  
A night not to be missed.   
Also with special local guest artists that pull some fancy string rhythms 
The Sirens and The Sailors  
The Sirens and the Sailors

This is our first Universal Grooves interactive performance for the year. The idea is to provide our community with World Music and Dance experiences where professional artists can teach simple songs, chants, rhythms and moves to the audience for the pleasure of engaging with them in performance. Or the audience can choose to simply relax and observe and be entertained  in a lounge room concert performance. It is an insight into the stories inwhich artists share about their creative journey.
There is always a supporting local Surf Coast artist who will perform first and they usually would share a similar instrument or genre to the guest artist. 
Our guest artists may also run workshops in conjunction with Wild Moves or Singing for Fun.

Refreshments are available in a relaxed atmosphere. Lots of parking. Easy access into the hall.

Many thanks to the Surf Coast Shire's Community Grant 2010, for helping to get the event up and running. We are happy to announce that Surf Coast Arts Inc will now be helping to support along with Regional Arts Victoria. Thanks to all our volunteers from Wild Moves for helping to form the Grooves Committee and organising these fun-filled events where you can sing, play and dance alongside professional performers. 
BYO your instruments or hire a drum from Wild Moves
Here is what a few people have said about Universal Grooves on the Surf Coast

Michele Barnes from Singing for Fun about  
Valanga and Andrea Khoza
What a fantastic night this was. Firstly the opportunity to be up close and personal with such inspirational performers, and to experience their amazing harmonies and rhythms together. Then to be guided to join the music with my very well spent $5 hired drum, so that I could be part of the sound, was amazing. It was great too, to see others invited on stage to play guitars and other instruments. Both Valanga and Andrea showed such warmth and support for this interactive experience. Clearly they both have wonderful skills and a belief in music as a shared experience for all. Thanks to Universal grooves for bringing this rich interactive cultural experience to all of us on the Surf Coast. 

Sabiena Van Es from Wild Moves about  
Asanti dance theatre
I just loved dancing with these guys. They brought their whole family and their kids couldn't keep off the stage. It encourages other children to join in as well. Full on high energy traditional African dance and acrobatics that you just have to hold your breath. Joining in with the drums was easy, we just had to follow Appiah who helped us to hold a rhythm. As a dancer with Wild Moves we could get up and show the Africans what we do with African dance on the Surf Coast. Great night, hope there is going to be more.

...And more there shall be ....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elephant Walk_High Tide Festival 2010

Rob, Kylie, Bern doing "Kuku"
Jess, Jaq
Nathan, Bern, Rob, Jess, Jaq, Sabiena, Judy, Fee, Manny, Gordon
Jess, Jaq, Fee, Pete, Manny
Bern, Jess, Gordon, Fee, Sabiena
Sabiena, Oliver and new Wildmover

Wild Moves at Elephant Walk

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Street parade_High Tide festival 2010

Wild Moves Crew & Andy....Thanks for the use of your big truck!!

The annual Street Parade, where more locals are in it rather than watching it!!
This year's theme was "Hidden Depths"
Well Wild Moves is not exactly hidden in the community but our Full Moon Gatherings at Cosy Corner every month became out inspiration. 
We had made Moon headresses and pendants from recycled broken talking drum skins and found objects from the beach. 
Put it together with Kpanlogo street rhythms from Ghana, West Africa along with our own dancing girls and drummers and we have a Surf Coast fusion of cross cultural Wildness!!


Jessica Padula: "The parade was a lot of fun with onlookers joining us in dance and cheering and waving at us."
If anyone else has got more photos of the street parade please email them to me to put on the blogspot.

For other great photos go to:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Circles on Waves_High Tide Festival 2010

Photo by Peter Marshall for Surf Coast Times

"Circles on Waves"
A community drum and dance performance for "Hidden Depths" 2010, High Tide Festival, Torquay, Australia

Our inspiration came from our Full Moon gatherings each month at Cosy Corner, observing the Moon as she dances, making circles, on the waves on the shore.

Winter Full Moon gatherings at Cosy Corner

Chele creating her magic

This song was first taught to me by Santha Press in the middle of Kakum National Park, Ghana, while we were on our Wild Moves' tour.
I then taught it to the Surf Coast community and reworked it to suit our beach environment.

Jacqui Dreessens: director for "Circles on Waves"

I composed a repetitive trance like drum rhythm that the dancers could then improvise around the words of moon, circles, waves, shore adding circular arm movements within a continuous circular clockwise orbit and developed it into a theatrical piece that included the specific site of Cosy Corner.

The Moon, she dances, like the waves on the shore

Demir held the space with his moon shaped daf drum connecting his sound with the Wildmovers holding the space under the moonahs with the djembe drum.

Wild Moves under the moonahs

Moon Goddesses: Kylie, Chele, Jessica
Photo by Peter Marshall for Surf Coast Times

Jacqui's Moon Headress. Photo by Lyndy Jeffery

Our feature was the recycled talking drum skins that were reshaped to reflect Cosy Corner's found objects that were reworked into a Moon headdress or pendant for the dancers or drummers.
The art work was first presented at WearArtrageous in Sept, 2010

Jessica, Demir, Fee
Photo by Peter Marshall for Surf Coast Times

Dancers and drummers also wore black and white to reflect the light and dark side of the Moon.

Lyndy, Jacqui, Jill, Michele

Thank you to our wonderful Wildmovers who were also roped in from Ocean Grove, Singing for Fun: Michele Barnes who kept our chant going and our magnificent diva Wendy Grouse who sang out loud in the audience.
All our singers made arm gestures in unison that reflected the pathway of the Moon dancing on the shore at Cosy Corner.

Kylie, Annalies, Oliver, Bruce, Rob

There are beautiful photos at Peter Marshall's web site of our Moon Goddess dancers

I love how we all collaboratively wildly wove everything together on the one day. Just like the Moon magically links everything together as it rises over Cosy Corner, Torquay on the Surf Coast.
What a magical evening. What a great place to live.

Honouring our beautiful Hidden Depths: "Circles on Waves"

Part of the Hidden Depths theme was the Greek dancing.
Infinite Inferno

December News

Wholefoods Food of the World Festival  

Wednesday 3 December (FREE)
6 - 9pm. Great nite of music, dance and yummy food.
2 Baylie Pl. Geelong
Wild Moves will be performing for a 45 minute set. The idea is to get people up and dancing, so lots of street music rhythms: Kpanlogo, Calypso, Rhumba. Please give your name to Jacqui if you would like to perform. Wear a Wild Moves Tshirt. Or just come along and be there enjoying the night.
High Tide Festival  
Saturday, 4 December (FREE) 
– all classes are geared towards.... 
Street Parade @ 11am. Meet at Point Danger car park. 
10.00am to assemble and practice/learn rhythms and grooves and decorate truck.
The drumming rhythm will be Calypso.
Wear Hidden depths T-shirt. Please collect from Julie Dyer or the Surf Coast Shire or give your size and name to Jacqui one week before the parade. 
Anyone can drum as long as you call/text me before 9am. If you are dancing behind the truck, please wear runners. 
Great photos at the below site

Wild Moves interactive performance on the Saturday 1.00 – 2.00pm. The Esplanade. Torquay. Please wear any of your Hidden Depths Tshirts and anything else you care to adorn yourself with!! Tell your friends and family to come and watch or join in.Drums available.

Saturday nite 8.00pm will be our Circles on Waves - a remake from WearArtrageous for down on the Front Beach. All dancers wear white (light side of the Moon) and singers/drummers wear black (dark side of the Moon) Wear your Moon headdress/pendant or ask Jacqui how to make one 
Great photos and blogs at:

Cowrie market Sunday 19 December (Free) 
2.00 – 3.00pm End of Gilbert St, The Esplanade. 
Wild Moves interactive song, drum and dance performance. Wear your Wild Moves Tshirt

Summer Solstice 22 December (Free)
8.30pm Cosy Corner. End of Bell and Esplanade. 

Join us to celebrate the end of the year and the middle of Summer. 
Bring your wishes for the following year and any homegrown flowers to place on our wreath that will be taken out to the Ocean. BYO instruments, rugs, chairs, picnic wear white if you want to. Come at 6.30pm for a byo BBQ picnic. Check out last years beautiful evening.

Wild Moves at Point Danger 26 December 2010 – 7 January 2011. 7.30pm onwards.
Drum and Dance Circle on the beach near Drainos, follow the concrete path down to the beach. End of the Esplanade behind the last round about. . BYO drum or book before 7pm on the nite for a hire drum $5.
Donation to Trokosi Project for homeless women in Ghana.

Night Jar Market every Thursday nite, Spring Creek Common, Torquay. Just before the bridge on the Great Ocean Rd.
Wild Moves will be performing on 20 Jan during the Full Moon when it is rising, so we will run our show, include some audience participation and then run our Full Moon ritual including fire twirlers. So dancers and drummers please bring wear your White Wild Moves Tshirt, or plain white costume, headress or pendant.
If you want to perform in the African repertoire please come to classes on Tuesday nites and/or our Wild Moves at Point Danger to rehearse.

Universal Grooves 8 January, 7.30 - 9.30pm Bellbrae Hall, 90 School Rd. Bellbrae
Vikingo de Jerez Spanish Flamenco dance and music with local support act The Sirens  and The Sailors
Not to be missed. An interactive performance with drumming, beatbox, Oud and Flamenco dance
Bookings - Jacqui 0409 025 062

Wild Moves workshops
Classes commenced again 
Tuesday 11 January
Dance: 6.00 - 7.30pm
Drumming: 7.30 - 9.00pm $15/17 or grab a Wild Moves card 5 casual classes @ $70

Cowrie market Sunday 16 January (Free) 
2.00 – 3.00pm End of Gilbert St, The Esplanade. Wear your Wild Moves Tshirt
Wild Moves interactive song, drum and dance performance.

Rhythm of Africa. Werribee Zoo details to follow.....
Pako Fest Saturday 26 February (Free)

12noon Street Parade. 
Assemble at 11.00am. Details to follow.......

Full Moon Gathering Friday 18 February (Free)
7.30pm onwards. See details below
Cowrie market Sunday 20 February (Free) 
2.00 – 3.00pm End of Gilbert St, The Esplanade. 
Wild Moves interactive song, drum and dance performance. Wear your Wild Moves Tshirt
Aries Open Mic Festival
18, 19, 20 March
Email   if you want to participate. Details to follow.....
Cowrie market Sunday 20 March
2.00 – 3.00pm End of Gilbert St, The Esplanade. Wear your Wild Moves Tshirt
Wild Moves interactive song, drum and dance performance.
Apollo Bay Music Festival
for busking – 8, 9, 10  April.
Email   if you want to participate. 

Details to follow......
Universal Grooves one Saturday in April with DEMIR ALIU. Details to follow.......
Cowrie market Sunday 17 April

2.00 – 3.00pm End of Gilbert St, The Esplanade. Wear your Wild Moves Tshirt
Wild Moves interactive song, drum and dance performance.  
Bellbrae Mayfair – Sunday May. Details to follow.....
Awakening Wild Moves cultural drum and dance experience in Ghana
Living Memory cultural drum and dance experience to Ethiopia

African Diaspora song, drum and dance Camp, Eumerella, Anglesea
Special African guest artists from Guinea

Anglesea Music Festival
Cowrie Market
Aireys Fair
Cowrie Market
Universal Grooves - Thula Sana from South Africa
Return of the Sacred Kingfisher Festival
Cowrie Market
High Tide festival
Cowrie Market
Summer Solstice 
Yours in Rhythm and Movement....Jacqui xxx
Wild Moves International
Rooted to the Earth and connected to the Universe…

Director: Jacqui Esi Tweba Dreessens
Mobile: +61 4 09025062
Web site: