Friday, September 28, 2012

Danawa Community Drum and Dance_3rd Oct, 2012


Danawa Community Gardens
Spring Creek Reserve, just behind the big round about and next to the footy oval, Torquay
Weds 26 September and 3rd October. Suppose to be beautiful weather on both days!!

2.00pm with a tour of the Gardens after. 
Dance with the bees or get down and drum to the earth with the worms. Check out the abundance in the gardens and watch/learn how it grows.

Immanuel and Jacqui Dreessens will teach you moves and grooves to the Danawa song and a few of our own with an African influence.
For the whole community and kids and the kids at heart.
Drums provided 
$15 child and parent
$15 per person. Unwaged: $10

If you are interested in woodfired pizza we need 20 takers, the day before booked in, so we can fire up the oven. 

For more information or to book in:
0409 025 062

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spirit of the Whale Smoking Ceremony 1st September, 2012

First Day of Spring
New Beginnings
Day after the Blue Moon
The call to Grandmother Whale
Swim free in your Home

We placed our wishes on a gum leaf into our Sacred Fire. 
We shared our stories of experiences with whales in our dreams and in our Ocean playground. 
We sang our songs of the magnificence of the Ocean, "waves are coming in," whales are calling in. 
We danced around the ceremonial fire and vocal toned to Grandmother Whale of the sea. 
We connected in Spirit to our beautiful friends in Broome, to all Saltwater people around the coastline of Australia and to the Sacred centre, Uluru.
We all created ceremony, around the country, at the same time. 
We gave thanks to Aboriginal Elder, Lorna Kelly Cox for sending out the call. 
We heard you and responded from Torquay. 
One Love ♥

The Torquay mob sharing Wauthurong land

Akasha's beautiful banner. Keep on dancing in the Ocean, Grandmother Whale

Help the Whales with intention, vibration and ceremony
This YouTube clip sang me immediately to Grandmother Whale.

Lorna Kelly Cox calls us
In this YouTube clip Lorna explains the threat to her people by the mining giants at James Price Point, Broome, WA. It is a place of "Spiritual Dreaming" for Aboriginal people. Lorna asks us to "stand as one." At this time in our journey, it "is a turning point."

This compelled me to create our own ceremony at Cosy Corner. It is up to us to protect the planet so that the next generation may know and enjoy the beauty, wonder and mysteries of Mother Earth.

Passing the gum leaves as we welcome and pay our respects to the First Nation people
Warming, smoking, cleansing, singing, creating Circle
We walked the ceremonial fire, being cleansed by the smoke

We connected in sound to the songlines of Grandmother Whale
 We felt the warmth of the Sacred Fire of Transformation, burning our gum leaf wishes
Our children are free to walk the shore. May our whales be free to swim in their home
Children know
May the whales be free to play,  just like our children are protected
As we circled we connected our hearts to all sacred fires around our Island Home
Sending our call to Grandmother whale
Demir Aliu led us in song, "There is so much Magnificence at the Ocean"
Thinking about why we are here, responding to the call

Making Ceremony in our own way
Closing space, being present, sending our wishes to Broome, connecting in with Grandmother Whale
Akasha and Jacqui, enjoying the moment
Enjoying our Sacred Fire and friendship
Enjoying our sacred Fire as the Sun goes down and the Moon comes up. Just like our Ancestors would have done
The Golden Moon after the night of the Blue Moon
Telling our stories about whales
Feeling the transformation into the Peace filled darkness as the Land rests and we chill out.

The Moon as She dances quietly on the Ocean

Thanks Gorgie and Great Ocean Rd Committee for the wood, the fire and gum leaves;
Jacqui for calling the Torquay Mob, Akasha for her beautiful banner and Claire Gittings for the cauldron.
Thank you to our photographers: Kate and Craig Davies, Sharr Aliu and Akasha Dingley.
 Many thanks to Craig Davies and his kind sharing of fish and chips from Flippin Fresh Fish and Chips 

All our wishes on the Scroll will be sent up to Broome to Lorna Kelly Cox.
It will remain with Leonie from Wild Earth in Anderson St, Torquay for the next 2 weeks, if you would like to write a message for Broome

A big thank you to Katja Nedaloha (local from Torquay) for calling out from Broome asking me to unite Torquay, Jan Juc and Geelong in our Spirit of the Whale Smoking Ceremony.

Sending lots of love to Glenys and Mark of Little Buckley, who are up in Broome supporting their beautiful friends in the quest to save Wandalan (James Price Point) as a sacred place for the next generation to know, enjoy and protect.

Sing your song across the Oceans, Grandmother Whale and we will send your message to as many people across the land.

One Love and Blessed be
Jacqui Dreessens
Wild Moves International

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Universal Grooves 4th August 2012 with TUMBARUMBA, RAKA TA and Christine Monneron

Neda Rahmani and her boys from Brazil: Tumbarumba
This was our 3rd Universal Grooves for 2012 and the focus was on Brazil and Cuba.
All our guest artists shared their stories, songs, music and dance to a Bellbrae Hall that did not sit down from the first to the last song. What an explosive nite of exotic dance!!!

Christina Monneron dancing Yemanya. Afro-Cuban dance

It wasn't long before she had us up dancing as the ocean

Gene Segura and Tania de Silva captivated us with the dance of love, Rumba

Raka Ta Crew had us on the edge of our seats with their riveting Reggaeton

Raka Ta and their sizzling Salsa dance

The unforgettable Neda Rahmani had the whole house jumping
Neda with her big loud band from Brazil: Tumbarumba

Lots of color flare and movement from Brazil

Tumbarumba. Torquay will never be the same again. What a night

Sunday, July 29, 2012

African Diaspora 2012 Brazil and Cuba 3 - 5 August, Torquay, Surf Coast

The 5th African Diaspora Camp is at Bellbrae Hall this year and our focus is on Cuba and Brazil.

8.00pm 3rd August
Opening to the Elements with Rachella Aristotle

Honouring to Aboriginal, African, Cuban, Brazilian culture with Thais Sansom, Jacqui Dreessens, Christina Monneron, Ana Soares
Brazilian drum and dance with Neda Rahmani, Demir Alieu and everyone who has a drum and dancing body...byo drum or hire from Wild Moves $5.
Salsa Rueda with Gene Segura and Tania de Silva from Raka Ta
Home cooked food available

An honoring of Aboriginal, African, Cuban, Brazilian culture

Rachela opened us all to the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water

Thais acknowledged the Wathaurong

Demir led us into the beauty of the Surf Coast and the magnificence of living near the ocean

Jacqui honoured her ancestral name Akosua Tweba from Swanzy Yard, Elmina, Ghana

Jacqui ignited the fire of the African spirit in our bodies

The breath of air and life was passed around our sacred circle

9.00am Saturday 4th August
Thais Sansom will lead you through her beautiful mind-body centering through a playful mixture of stretching and healing arts ready for fun and vigor.

Christina Monneron will take you on a whirl wind of empowerment through the archetypes of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine of Afro-Cuban culture. Intermediate-advanced drummers welcome to drum with Neda Rahmani

Be led through the samba and sizzling rhythms of Brazil with Neda Rahmani. This is a fun beginners class for all to get everyone fire up!!!

Christina Monneron will take you through the steps of Salsa from beginners to advanced and into the Rueda...changing partners in the round.

Ana Soares and Neda Rahmani and guests will give you the basic rhythms and grooves to get you jamming and dancing like they do in Bahia, Salvador, spirit in rhythm

7.30pm featuring a performance with Christina, Raka Ta and TUMBARUMBA.
Run by UGrooves committee of SCArts.
Supported by Regional Arts Victoria.
($25/20 tickets at the door; Family tix $40)

9.00am Sunday, 5th August
Thais Sansom

Ana Soares

Gene Segura and Tania De Silva

Gene Segura and Tania De Silva

Demir Alieu is our intuitive soundmaker experimenting with rhythms of the Surf Coast fused with his eclectic mix of universal sounds that will earth you to finish a beautiful weekend of music

To send you on your way with song in your heart

Friday night:
$20/15 concession/Wildmovers/
SCArts members

$20/15 concession, WM's, SCArts - per workshop
$150 for all Sat/Sun workshops
$80/75 concession - for day workshops

Christina Monneron: Salsa

Christina Monneron: Afro-Cuban dance

Neda Rahmani Brazilian percussion and dance

Gene Segura and Tania de Silva: Reggaton