Friday, July 8, 2011

African Diaspora song, drum and dance Camp with Muhanamwe, 7.30pm Friday 29th - 3.00pm Sunday, 29th July

 Friday 29th July, 2011
Environment Centre, Eumerella, Great Ocean Rd. Anglesea
5.00pm Registration
6.30pm Dinner

Walk to Fire Circle
Enviro Centre car park off Centre Rd
7.30pm - 11.00pm 
  • Aboriginal and African Ancestral Libation - Ian Waran-badj Hunter, Mohamed Camara, Aliou Sylla
  • Honouring of the Elements and trans-cultural  music and dance
  • EARTH: Thais Sansom (Aboriginal), 
  • WATER Ana Soares (Brazil), Lisa (Cuba), 
  • AIR Chele Buggy (Surf Coast), 
  • FIRE Anne Tracey (Middle East), Anna Camara (Africa)
  • Celebration of the Return of Light - burning of the fire sculpture, Phoenix
  • Fire twirling, dance and drum spectacular and community participation - Infinite Inferno
  • Story telling - Muhanamwe
  • Film Children of the Blue Light. Bringing in transcultural voices as healing through music and dance. A musical documentary set in the slave dungeons of the Cape Coast Castle, Ghana, West Africa - Jacqui Dreessens, Agoro Fie Productions, Asanti Ghana and Wild Moves Australia 
Saturday 30th July, 2011
Environment Centre
8.00am Meditation, massage, yoga - Thais Sansom
9.00am BREAKFAST and Registration
10.00am Traditional singing from Guinea - Muhanamwe
11.00am Traditional dance or djembe drumming
12noon Djembe drumming - beginners or intermediate/advanced
1.00pm LUNCH
2.00pm Djembe drumming - beginners or intermediate/advanced
3.00pm Traditional dance or djembe drumming
4.00pm  Swing Dance - Lotte and Matt Riddle
5.00pm Salsa - Lisa Shieder
6.30pm DINNER

World music and dance on the Surf Coast
7.30 - 10.00pm brought to you by Surf Coast Arts, Regional Arts Victoria, Wild Moves
  • Wild Moves - Jacqui Dreessens, Immanuel Dreessens, Pete MacKintosh, Oliver Deans, Rob Godden, Sabiena von Es, Fiona Crawford-Trinham, Bernadette Zen, Jacqui Fenwick
  • Camp singers, dancers and drummers with Muhanamwe
  • MUHANAMWE from Guinea, West Africa
Sunday 31st July, 2011
Environment Centre
8.00am Meditation, massage, yoga - Fiona Crawford-Trinham
9.00am BREAKFAST and Registration
10.00am Afro Jazz dance - Jacqui Dreessens or drumming - Muhanamwe
11.00am Zumba - Jenny King or drumming  - Muhanamwe
12noon African games, singing, drumming and dance for the whole family - Muhanamwe
1.00pm LUNCH
2.00pm Sound meditation - Demir Aliu
3.00pm Closing ceremony with One Voice choir and Bonnie Upwelling community choir
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    Check out last year's camp with Asanti dance theatre:

    Now taking bookings for discounted and pre-purchased places for the Camp: $180 for program and accommodation or $15 per workshop. Offer lasts until Wednesday 27th July.

    Authentic African Food with pre-booking and payment: $60 weekend or $15/10 per meal

    Pre-purchashed tickets to Universal Grooves at Torquay Health Food Shop up until Saturday noon 30th July

    It's OK to just rock up as long as there is a space in the workshop, drum or food available.

    Featured artists


    Muhanamwé, meaning Our Culture, has emerged as one of Australia's freshest and most exciting West African percussion and dance ensembles.  With compelling rhythms, rich vocal harmonies, emotive melodies and stunning choreography, Muhanamwé not only draws from its deep roots in Guinea, West Africa, but also brings new life to the ancient musical and cultural tradition. Founded in 2007 by Guinean master drummers Aliou Sylla and Mohamed Camara, Muhanamwé has fast become one of the most sought-after African ensembles in Australia. Muhanamwé is proof that music transcends the boundaries of language, aiming instead for the heart and the feet.

    Muhanamwé have performed at many of Australia’s leading festivals and cultural events, including the Share the Spirit, Desert Harmony, Emerge, Globe-to-Globe and Darwin Festivals, the Black Harmony Gathering and Rhythm of Africa. Muhanamwe have recently completed their debut Album, Guinea Conakry-Our Culture, and recently toured nationally sponsored by Kultour and Playing Australia.

    Aliou Sylla

    Master drummer Aliou Sylla from Conakry Guinea has been playing djembe since 1980. A former senior member of Les Percussions de Guinee, Aliou has played intensively under the guidance of the late great Lamine Lopez Soumah, master doun doun player Lance Kante and Koumbana Konde. He has taught students from all over the world in both Guinea and Australia for the past 15 years, and is currently teaching traditional Guinean percussion and culture at Footscray Primary School. Aliou has performed extensively around Australia for the past two years at cultural festivals and events including the Commonwealth Games 2006, several "Africa" events at the Victorian Arts Centre, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Globe to Globe, and the Brisbane and Darwin Festivals.  

    Mohamed Camara

    Mohamed Camara was born in Guinea Conakry, West Africa, into the Manding family. Former djembe soloist for Guinean drum and dance ensemble Ballet Destin, Ballet Bolonta and internationally renowned ensemble Les Sorciers de Guinée, Mohamed has studied and performed with many of the world's great master drummers including Ton Ton Sylla and Fadouba Oularé. Since arriving in Australia in 2007, Mohamed has fast become a highly sought-after African artist and ambassador. He has performed at various festivals, including Woodford, Apollo Bay and Darwin Festival, and has conducted workshops at the Victorian College of the Arts, NMIT and the Victorian Arts Centre's African Village. Mohamed currently teaches African drumming at Melbourne Steiner School, Clifton Hill and Doncaster Primary School.


    Anna Camara

    Anna Camara developed a passion for Guinean percussion from the age of ten. This has led her to play a broad range of percussion instruments and styles, and she recently completed a Bachelor of Music Performance with Honours at the Victorian College of the Arts, specialising in repertoire percussion. She has performed as a soloist with the VCA Symphony Orchestra, and in a national masterclass for world famous percussionist Evelyn Glennie. She recently preformed for the APRA Screen music awards, the Asia Pacific Breakthrough Summit, and played for the soundtrack of Australian fim Bran Nue Dae. Anna has travelled three times to Guinea to study traditional Guinean percussion, dance and song with members of Guinea's only female Master drummers' ensemble, Les Amazones de Guinée, as well as the World famous Les Percussions de Guineé. Anna currently teaches percussion at the Victorian College of the Arts, Mac.Robertson Girls High and Eltham High School

    The workshops will have you moving and grooving like never before!
    Drum: Learn the basic techniques of djembe playing, as well as traditional rhythms comprising both accompaniments and solos. The workshops will have you grooving like never before! Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced.
    Dance: Guinean dancer Mohamed Camara from Muhanamwe will introduce students to the exciting and energetic traditional Guinean dance. Learn the basic techniques and skills specific to this style of dance, as well as a variety of traditional dance moves from Guinea, West Africa. Accompanied by live Guinean drumming! No experience necessary

    Ian Waran-badj Hunter - Libation to the Ancestors
    Kulan Nation Aboriginal Elder, Ian Hunter is Wild Moves' patron and mentor. He is a legend. He has shared so many of his beautiful stories passed on through his mother.

    Ana Soares - Libation to the Ancestors
    Brazillian born Ana, dancer and mother of two boys will honour her ancestry and weave her story around her beautiful Mother Ocean Goddess, Yemanja. Ana was the inspiration for Wild Moves Dancing with the Deities back in the late 1990's when she introduced Jacqui to the Afro-Brazillian Candomble

    Lotte and Matthew Riddle - Swing Dance
    Swing into action with these two hopping, bopping masters of Swing Dance. A dancing history book of music from the Big Band Era, this couple will quickly get you into the downward jive and upbeat swing of how African music and dance entered the ballrooms of the New World and exploded onto a scene of wild free dance between couples. Too much fun to be had in this workshop.

    Thais Sansom - Honouring the Elements: EARTH, Ritual, Massage, Yoga
    Thais is an original Wildmover and co-founder and freelance dance/music practitioner from Castlemaine. When she is not running Red Beard Bakery in Trentham, she is running 3 boys around. Thais has a deep knowledge of releasing tired and sore muscles that hold tension and will guide you through beautiful visual imagery for starting a new in the Camp.

    Left: Thais Sansom

    Local artists
    Anne Tracey - Festival of the Returning Light Fire
    The sensuality of Middle Eastern dance is an ancient dance ritual for woman. Anne will guide you through this beautiful movement as we bring in the Return of the Light at our Fire Circle

    Bonnie Upwelling - Closing ceremony for the Returning Light
    Director Lucy O'Grady is a music therapist and lecturer in music therapy at University of Melbourne. Her community choir gets together every Wednesday night and pops up around the Surf Coast to share their songs at local markets.  

    Demir Aliu - Sound meditation
    Demir Aliu is an Intuitive sound worker who enjoys blending sonic energy using acoustic instruments from vairous healing traditions to create these organic sound scapes and bring about a space of relaxation, presence and awareness of the self. So beautiful for the senses. 
    "I am very honored to be working again with a sister like Jacqui, this camp is a wonderful opportunity and experience in the beautiful bush of Anglesea"


    Fiona Crawford-Trinham - Massage and yoga
    Our beloved local massage therapist as well as Wildmover, singer with One Voice and the Bonnie Upwelling. She will awaken your sense of being and focus back into your body on a Sunday morning.

    Infinite Inferno - Festival of the Returning Light
    Surf Coast's fire sensations in a visual delight of spectacle, precision and artistry and will guide you into the Fire Circle of Transformation as we celebrate the Returning Light.

    "Infinite Inferno" Photo: Peter Marshall

    Jacqui Dreessens - Artistic director, Ritual, Afro Jazz dance, Universal Grooves
    When I was 8 years old (back in the 60's), I was groovin in my Aunty's lounge room (in a newly built suberb - back then called Belmont), to her new infectious album by Santana. I don't pretend to be a  Black Magic Woman anymore but it inspired in me a deep love of the African jazz roots in Mande Bango, Fela Kuti and Ossi Bissa. Afro-Jazz dance is a fusion of African and Ballet. The Blue Light is my Passion and ritual is my celebration for Mother Earth and our connection to her. African and Indigenous cultures lead the way as my inspiration.

    "Warako Musika" Photo: Pam Kleeman

    Jenny King - Zumba
    Jenny is our Zumba Queen of the Surf Coast and a dynamo!! She has years of experience in many styles of dance including Ballet, Woh Dao, African and percussion

    Lisa Shieder- Honouring of the Elements: WATER, Salsa Dance
    Lisa travelled to Cuba in 2002 with Christina Monneron's Cuban Dance Acadamy has been teaching Salsa in Geelong for many years in her Salsa Street studios. She is a master at getting everyone engaged in the excitment of dancing with a partner in a rueda circle.

    Michele Buggy - Honouring of the Elements: AIR
    Chele is a dancer, visual artist and inspiring mother of 4 children who rides in the chaos of life with balance. Living on our Surf Coast with our winds, Chele will guide you into gliding between the qualities of movement experience as you float on the currents and breath of life.

    "Circles on Waves" Photo: Peter Marshall

    Wild Moves International
    Rooted to the Earth and connected to the Universe…

    Director: Jacqui Esi Tweba Dreessens
    +61 4 09025062
    Web site:

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